Wednesday, July 15, 2009

this will require all my librarian skills

On The Muppet Show, Kermit had a mug that had his name on it in a kind of gothic-looking script (similar to Old English, if memory serves). Since I started watching The Muppet Show on DVD I've always wanted one like it, but so far they prove impossible to find. An internet search for Kermit mug just brings up lots of mugs with pictures of Kermit on them--which is ridiculous since why would a frog have a mug with his own picture on it? Where would he get it? In the Muppet world, the Muppets are not famous enough to have their own merchandise I don't think. Plus Kermit is a pretty humble guy, I doubt he would own his own mug even if it was available.


The closest I've found is that the action figure comes with a tiny replica. Even that's a bit iffy since (a) you can't really see it and (b) who knows how accurate it is? I'm going to have to rent the DVDs again and watch more closely, then maybe make one on CafePress. Booh. Normally, whatever I require, the Internet will supply. I dislike this having to take initiative!

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