Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So it's my first day off in over a week, and I had a Coke for breakfast, and then I was 100% going to play some WOW, thus rendering myself even more l33t. But I forgot that Tuesdays, especially Tuesdays I don't have to work, are Server Maintenance (Tues)Days. So here I am, blogging like a chump. How long has it been, Internet? Two weeks? Which is 5 Internet Years. I'm surprised you're still here.

I am really enjoying the VLog brothers' YouTube channel, in particular this video in which the actual John Green, who is on YouTube Paternity Leave, is replaced by fellow YA author Maureen Johnson. (On a side-note, I am currently reading Let It Snow, a sort of novella collection by those two authors with the addition of Lauren Myracle. Even though it is not really Christmastime anymore, or actually, not Christmastime AT ALL, I'm still enjoying it.)

ALSO! I am going to attempt Thing a Day again this year, and this year I have no plans to buy any houses or be any bridesmaids (?) or anything. So I may actually have time and energy to, you know, make some Things. That will begin next week, in approximately 3 Internet Months. (Don't ask, 'cause it's an algorithm I don't expect you'll be able to understand without your degrees in Advanced Made-up Maths.)

Isn't it cute how British people say Maths? I know!

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