Tuesday, November 27, 2007

3 Things I like about my job

1. I have a tiny space heater under my desk. It has been there since I started working here, but today I decided to check if it works and it DOES and now I will never be cold at the office again.

2. My boss is obsessed with Office Space, and at a meeting yesterday she mentioned that we should all wear "flair" to an upcoming event. She also laughed when I did my "Hey, Peter, what's happening" routine. No office where the person in charge understands why Office Space is funny can ever be really evil.

3. I constantly push the boundaries of work-appropriate clothing and no one seems to care. I regularly wear ironic Internet t-shirts to work (usually with nice pants or a skirt), I wear armwarmers, I wear my airwalks or my vans, I wear my pirate hat (well, not at work so much as to work) and no one says anything or looks as me pointedly. I think this is because I am a member of Generation Y and everyone knows we have no regard for society's values anyway, so the bar has been lowered.

1 Thing I don't like about my job

I have to go there every weekday and it makes me tired and I don't want to be here and I want to go home and glue things with Liquid Nails and go see Love in the Time of Cholera. And have a club soda with lime juice. And go on Facebook without having to feverishly tab out of my browser window everytime someone walks by.


Anonymous said...

i'd like to mention that good things about your job could also include the exchange of services for monies. unless that's not true. in which case that should go into the bad things about your job.

becky =)

Prolix said...

Yeah, I guess, although to be honest, I got paid today and it felt *not really worth it*. My whole end-of-the-month paycheque goes to rent, condo fees, and student loans. I know life would be worse if I didn't have a place to live, or food to eat, but still: when you have no spare money to spend on anything fun, it's hard to believe in the value of working for said money.

Still, I reecognize the validity of your point. And I guess not all of us can live off SSHRC grants, like SOME (supposedly "anonymous" PEOPLE.

Tederick said...

Don't taunt me with your pirate hat.

Is there a cubicle in a corner available, that you could move to? I did so about five months ago, and I tell ya, NOBODY and I mean NOBODY ever strolls by, necessitating a browser-close. I can keep Facebook open all day if I want to.

Prolix said...

Where do you work, heaven?

No, cubicles are a precious commodity where I work. We share our floor with another department and there is constant negotiation over who gets the precious cubicles. I'm afraid that if I get moved at all it will be to Storage Room B. That is a clever notion though, and I respect you for it.