Friday, November 21, 2008

Pet Peeves.

1. People who sit in the aisle seat on a bus with an empty seat next to them.
1b. People who do this and then, when you make it clear you want to sit in the empty seat, turn sideways with their legs into the aisle so you have to squeeze past them to get into the seat. Like, instead of either moving over or standing up so you can get in. I don't like to be heartless, but if some psycho shot everyone who does this, I wouldn't care. LEARN TO LIVE IN SOCIETY.

2. People who wait forever in the drive-through with their engines idling when there's no line inside Tim Horton's. GET OUT OF YOUR CAR. I hope your grandchildren don't hate you when they realize you personally destroyed the rainforest and choked cute birds with your plastic debris in the oceans.

I'm in a littttttle bit of a grouchy mood today. But then, I haven't really been sleeping. Since junior high.

1 comment:

Tederick said...

I only wanted to say one thing about point (1). Which is that around here, I rarely get the chance to actually stand up and let someone past me if I'm on the outside seat. They usually charge me. Now some would argue (and they'd probably be right) that it's my own fault for sitting on the outside seat. But I'm relatively large and my legs don't usually fit in the inside seat. The problem is complex.