Saturday, January 31, 2009

Heh heh, as if I'm a slow typer

I'm planning on doing Thing-a-Day again in 2009. This is the project where, for one month, a bunch of crafty and/or arty people pick up their glue gun, soldering gun, or crochet hook and make something every day--like NaNoWriMo for slow typers. I promise to make at least a few non-wedding related projects, especially if someone will drive me to IKEA, where the cheap fleece blankets come from. But I should warn you, I am also going to make invitations. And I am going to print them with acrylic ink. And I am going to put grommets in them. And I might count them for more than one day.

I recently bought a corner punch (which, for the uninitiated, makes square corners into pretty rounded corners--just like every CSS tutorial ever made, except for paper and much easier). In February 2009, we will answer the question: what can't you corner-punch? And I suspect the answer will be: NOTHING.



Anonymous said...

I have a corner punch too, and you're absolutely right - there is *nothing* that doesn't look better with rounded corners.

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