Tuesday, September 15, 2009

spend your whole life locked inside a mall

Really cute gay marriage ad from Ireland (via @amandapalmer)

For handy reference: List of Scientologists. Today I was sad to learn that Beck is a Scientologist. That was one of several factors that dissuaded me from downloading his new album which is a cover of The Velvet Underground & Nico. Like, the whole album. (That was also one of the reasons.)

I've linked to it before but I love dispatches from the island, the blog of actor Jorge Garcia. He posts pictures of gross bugs he sees in Hawaii, and he is probably even more obsessed with his garden than I am with mine. It's charming.

Today: WOW dailies, a failed craft project, took Emma for a walk. To the bank and the grocery store later. This might sound boring but it's actually kind of nice. Ah, my life! It seems like months since I've talked to you.

Recent obsessions: finally getting my iPhone from UPS (after what almost amounted to an armed standoff), Armed Services Editions (I've been buying them on ebay!), cosmetics without carcinogens (is that too much to ask?)

Recent things that have made me annoyed and/or furious: Calgary bi-elections, Moleskine notebooks (as in, the notion that owning one somehow makes you automatically Jack Kerouac), carcinogens in cosmetics, above.

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