Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Evil corporate bag

I bought this bag from WalMart for $20 several weeks ago and it has been waiting for embellishment from me. Last night I finally got around to it. I was sort of going for a retro-bowling-bag combined with evil-scifi-corporation vibe. Like, if you worked for the Blue Sun corporation this is the bag you would get when you were chosen as employee of the month (after successfully re-apprehending some very troublesome escaped prisoners). If your boss was crafty.

First I cut out the Blue Sun logo (using a stencil--which I now cannot find, but I have it saved on my computer so if someone wants it let me know) from vinyl. Then I attached it to the bag with some fabric adhesive I bought that claims to work on vinyl. Only time will tell whether the vinyl will stay stuck but for right now I think it looks pretty cunning. This was also a really quick project-- it took me less than 1 full screening of The Lost World: Jurassic Park [it's research] to cut out the vinyl and stick it on. Fun!

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