Monday, July 7, 2008

A bit broken

The internet at my work is a bit broken today, and I can't really get on with what I should be working on. That's how I'm justifying this particular update. (Certain pages will load, but sloooooowly. Others will not load at all. Wikipedia is working, so I'm using it to answer all my virtual reference questions, in spite of its dodgy reputeable-ness.)

I've seen so many movies in the past two weeks! From worst to best:

Ed- In case you are not familiar with this movie, it is about a beautiful friendship that develops between Matt LeBlanc, of Friends, and a chimpanzee. I did not watch it of my own free will, but rather, because my friend Caleb insisted. (Spiderman was the other thing on offer, and I realllllly wish I'd insisted.)

Jocelyn: Why does the monkey have to play baseball? I don't understand this movie. Why is the monkey wearing jeans?
Caleb: Because that is what he needs for playing baseball!
The very concept is ludicrous. I hate the entire wacky-monkey-adventure subgenre.

Hancock- This movie seemed kind of good at first, and then it turned out to be stupid. Will Smith is very charming, but he is not going to be able to get away with dumb stuff forever just on that basis.

Cloverfield- This one is right on the line between "good" and "bad." (All movies appearing further down the list are firmly in the "good" category.) I admired the death rate--I like suspense movies that don't screw around with trying to save the likeable people. Also, I spotted a guy from Veronica Mars in the background. Oh, and there's a monster, or something.

Michael Clayton- I watched this movie last night. Confusingly, "Cate Blanchett" is a common tag on AllConsuming in spite of the fact that she is not in this movie. I tried to combat this tagging misinformation by tagging it "Cate Blanchett is not in this movie." Anyway, it is pretty good, and perhaps by "Cate Blanchett" people actually mean "Tilda Swinton."

Waydowntown- This movie is kind of like the Canadian version of Office Space, only a bit weirder. James and I identified the main actor as the guy who played Scott Hope on Buffy, and I was thus a bit angry at him throughout the whole movie for having broken Buffy's heart in Season 3. Anyway, this movie is surprisingly slick for a Canadian production, it was filmed in Calgary, and it is about the Canadian prairies obsession/compulsion of STAYING INSIDE.

Atonement- I haven't read this book, but I liked the movie a lot and I probably will get to the book. Keira Knightly is so hot in this movie. In a perfect world, she would have been actually born between 1916-1923 so she could be an ACTUAL PERSON THAT AGE IN THE TIME PERIOD IN WHICH THE MOVIE WAS SET.

War, Inc- This was my favourite of all the movies I saw in the past couple weeks. It's nice to see John Cusack in something interesting that doesn't involve contrived romantic dalliances. This movie is weird and mean-spirited and surreal and Hilary Duff is (and I never thought I would say this) AWESOME in it. I am not even kidding.

I also made some delicious zucchini fritters, and played some World of Warcraft, and volunteered at the Shakespeare festival. I went to the farmer's market! I did all my dishes! It was reallllly hot here last week and I've been swimming a lot of laps.

I wish the interwebs would be fixed. I'm bored of this.

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