Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What teh interwebs has been up to lately:

I know this has been making the rounds lately, so my apologies if you've already seen it: Where the Hell is Matt? In this crazy video, a guy travels all over the world and does a silly dance. People dance with him. It is more astonishing than it sounds.

Satisfying my gaming lust and my handbag lust: a 12-sided dice handbag [or d12 Handbag (of Holding)].

I had a Day Off from work today, and it was disconcerting. I feel kind of lost, like there is something (or five things) I should be doing. I went to have lunch with my Man Friend, and on my way home through downtown I wandered to the Legislature grounds and sat on a little concrete promontory that stuck out into one of the fountains and just baked in the sun. Then I came home and watched Candy. Wisdom garnered from watching this movie: No, you do not want to be a heroin addict. You might think you do, but you don't.

My zucchini fritters are perilously close to the pile of papers on my desk. I do live on the edge.

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