Thursday, August 7, 2008


Q: Hey Jocelyn, how big of a nerd are you?

A: This big:

cooler bag

Yep, I'm going to the Folk Fest today, so I logically decided to make a little cooler bag for my water bottles and ice pack. It's actually cuter and less misshapen than this photo would suggest, but I'm a seamstress, not a photographer. Anyway, I'm thinking it could double as a lunch bag. Cute cotton prints FTW!

The other project I'm working on is a tablecloth for my night stand. I decided to hand quilt it. Apparently this was foolish! I'm about half-done and I have spent about 7 hours on it already. While watching X-Files of course.

Also, I swam 2.3 km this week so far. That's a lot of turning around in my tiny pool!

Yesterday I had to get fitted for a mouthguard at the dentist. The stuff I had to bite down on reminded me of the stuff they use to take casts of footprints on CSI. To avoid vomiting on the dental hygienist, I pretended there was a crime in my mouth that was being solved. And that crime is NIGHT GRINDING.

I call "blogs" "blorgs" now, just FYI.


so angry said...

/i hear you're NIGHT GRINDING baby, it's starting to show
/i hear you're NIGHT GRINDING baby, it's out of control

Prolix said...

lol irl.
that is all.