Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Linky Mondays, Tuesday Edition

Yeah, I had the day off yesterday so Tuesday is the new Monday. I think Wednesday is still the old Wednesday though. There's no getting around that middle-of-the-week crap.

holy moley, do i ever have a tag management problem on delicious. That's not a tag cloud, that's tag smog.

tonight i'm going to get orientated at the women's prison in edmonton--i'm on a committee that's working on the library there. i can't wear expensive jewelry (editor's note: like i would, anyway) and i'm carrying around a photocopy of my driver's license (editor's note: i don't have a driver's license. i'm carrying around a photocopy of my government-issued id.) anyway it's pretty trippy--i was thinking about it last night while doing dishes and i realized the one thing i COULD NOT HANDLE about being in prison is that they get no internet. NONE. no negotiation. even dial-up feels kind of like prison, to me.

so i guess i have to keep on the straight and narrow.


Engrish funny--so I guess it's not hard to find this stuff online, but that doesn't mean it cracks me up any less.

Room with a Screw--an amateur scambaiter with a poetic soul tries to con a would-be conner--into writing a poem. It's long, but worth a skim.

That was epic--an art project turning de-contextualized youtube comments into poetry. i'm obsessed with comments, and commenters, lately. this kind of mainlined into my brain. (I should say: this kind of mainlined into my brain, noob.)

And a couple more links that have made me smile in the past week:

graphjam--the song chart meme finally gets its own website.

LEGO tableaus re-create famous photographs [from Wired]

Where is Bob? Tales of an absentee manager. Kind of reminds me of David from The Office. Hard to believe it's real, it's so ludicrous.

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