Monday, March 23, 2009

greetings and some news

Good morning, teh interwebs.

It has been a very eventful few days. How's that for an opening sentence? We got our keys on Friday, had a mammoth shopping day on Saturday, and yesterday got a good start on painting. The kitchen is now a bright green called "herbal garden." The living room is "poinsettia," which, I just learned today, is spelled with an "i" towards the end. Exciting times. There will be more details, and pictures, to come.

In the mornings, when I go to Tim Horton's (not every morning, despite what this blog may have you believing) I cross the street at the intersection with no pedestrian light, and then I hike across a little hill to the T-Ho's parking lot. It's not very far--maybe 20 feet--but it's still quite emotionally isolating for a pedestrian, as there's no sidewalk or anything, just a path beaten into the snow. And where this path meets the parking lot there's a steep, icy snow embankment, and inevitably there is a huge truck or SUV parked there, so one has to balance precariously so as not to fall on the vehicle. The whole ordeal is very trying, especially when you consider that at this point in the day I have been on the bus for an hour and, by definition, have not yet had coffee.

So. I'm always mad that people drive these huge trucks and park them so close to the edge so that I can't get through. But this morning--O morning of mornings!--there was a little smart car parked there, with feet to spare on either side, and I walked through easily, and it felt like a sign. And on the way out, with my coffee in hand, there was a Camry parked there--not quite as magnificent, but still. My luck is changing.

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Rebekah said...

sounds like everything's coming up jocelyn.

i'm looking forward to saturday, by the way. i find moving exciting - especially when i don't have to do all the packing and unpacking, just the celebrating.