Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some links I've collected for you

Added to my Amazon wishlist (along with a Nintendo DS charging station and the DS version of SPORE because what am I, some kind of high-culture wizard?): Samuel Beckett's letters, volume 1, based on Nicholas Lezard's review in the Guardian. Samuel Beckett and I have a troubled history, but I do appreciate his commitment to unhappiness, which I think went all the way to his core. Witness:

It was, he said, his long experience of failure that made him as a writer; here we see him under its first full cold blast. A friend of the Joyces, Nuala Costello, tells him that "you haven't a good word to say about anyone but the failures"; he notes that this is "quite the nicest thing anyone had said to me for a long time".
Also from the Guardian: I've really enjoyed all these Seen & Heard interviews with children. "When you die, you go to heaven, and you don't have to clean out boots."

Speaking of dying: DeadAtYourAge, which informs me that Otis Redding died when he was exactly my age (26 years, 91 days).

An interesting paper on single serving sites--you know, like IsItTuesday.com or Barack Obama is your new bicycle.


alea said...

So, Kurt Cobain was exactly my age when he offed himself. I think this is a sign. Not sure of what, though...

Prolix said...

i think it's a sign that you are winning the life-race, and you must not give up.