Thursday, March 5, 2009

I meant to tell you

Last night I made some of these freezer breakfast burritos after seeing the idea on The Simple Dollar. I froze them last night and then defrosted one this morning for breakfast. [Obviously, I could have just left one in the fridge overnight, but I wanted to see how the egg would survive the freezing and thawing. I was doing science.] DELICIOUS! Seriously! I feel like my whole life is 3% better, and my breakfast problems are 39% better. That's a significant improvement. Tim Horton's will be getting slightly less of my money in the future. And that means more of my money for me! And by "me," I mean "Etsy"!

I was going to take some pictures of the burrito-making process, but then as it turned out I was too lazy (who would have thought?) so you'll have to take my word for it that they look, and taste, great. I didn't use beans (I hate them!) and I threw in some turkey bacon, since meat in the morning is one of my favourite things in the world. I also added some red pepper along with the red onion, because vegetables are good for you. Anyway, this recipe is an epic win and I highly suggest it.

Also last night, I got to level 80 in WOW (FINALLY) and packed some boxes and watched some CSI. Unlike the last time I moved, I have some boxes labeled "art." Thanks Etsy, for taking so much of my money and making me pack more stuff!

Oh, and I impatiently thought about my tax refund for awhile. I'm getting more $$ back than I had originally thought, so (in addition to paying off a WHOLE CREDIT CARD, and buying a sewing table from IKEA) I'm going to sponsor a kid through WorldVision. I keep shopping for kids on their website, and then I feel guilty, like I'm being superficial. Does a slightly less-cute kid deserve my money less? I've decided that what I am going to do, instead, is sponsor one of the kids without photos. That way I know I'm not being a jerk.

James and I have been doing the same thing with dogs on rescue society websites, actually. After we move (March 28th!) I'm getting a rescue dog, and you can't stop me, Internet. What with the shopping for orphans and rescue dogs on the Internet like they were jewelry or housewares, I think I am the worst good person ever.

Boxes packed: 5

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