Monday, June 1, 2009

Amazon is being kind of mean to me. When I visit the main page, there's a little box that says "You know you want it," with a book from my wish list. Yes! I want it! You know I want it because I put it on my wishlist! Don't be a jerk, Amazon. Don't tease me. I'll buy that book when I'm good and ready, or maybe not at all if I can convince one of my co-workers to order it for the library. heh.

Last night I actually unpacked some boxes and I found the last of my missing DVDs so James and I were finally able to watch the episode from Season 7 of Buffy which I have been talking about for 3 weeks. Almost all the boxes from our office are gone, and we discovered that there is actually a bunch of room in there. Room! For stuff! Like a chaise longue! (Note: Apparently using the actual French term for something is so pretentious that blogger thinks it's a spelling error. Normally I try to avoid this type of pretension, which is why James and I regularly refer to our garage as a "car hole." However, I take exception to "chaise lounge." "Longue" means "long," and has nothing to do with lounging. Stupid language. Or, longuage. Again I say: heh.)

Also over the weekend James and I built the first of our magnificent raised beds for our garden. I'm really, really excited about it and I can't wait to build the other two. I planted a bunch of things, including some veggies and some perennials--some of them FROM THE FARMER'S MARKET! I'm pursuing both rain barrels and compost bins. I'm considering making my own organic fertilizer. I'm trying to prevent my dog from eating chives, since they are DOG POISON! The only thing I didn't get into the ground is my raspberries--I'm not sure if the canes have survived about a month living in a garbage pail in my living room. Hmm. Perhaps I am not the awesome gardener/homeowner type I appear to be. Opposite of heh: sad face.

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