Friday, June 12, 2009

holy moley, Internet. apparently i never update my blog anymore. GOOD TO KNOW!

what has happened in the past week?

it is one month until my wedding. however, I do not like my wedding so instead I am going to talk about my garden.

my garden is getting mixed reviews (from me--no one else can be bothered to review my garden). It has really been too sunny, and dry for anything to get much growing done. some of the plants are growing. others appear to be dying. my citrus mint's leaves are changing colours radically and i'm not sure if this is good or bad. my broccoli are flourishing. my tomatoes are wilting. (to be honest i just planted the broccoli because i was sort of curious about them--like, i wanted to know how broccoli even grow, under the ground or on vines or what?!? and instead they are the best of my plants.)

i wish i knew a really good gardener who could identify all the plants planted by the last owners of my house, based on photos. i should have some kind of flickr-based contest my co-workers could participate in, with prizes. i definitely have a white lilac and also a grape vine (!) which I thought was dead but which has since been revived. i had to do some Internet Research to find out how to care for it. Apparently grape vines are a tough-love plant. you have to prune them like crazy and they don't really need good soil or fertilizer. so i went at mine with pruning shears and now it has a bunch of new leaves. it's attached to the side of the house with a trellis so ancient it looks like it could be covered in hieroglyphics if we could somehow get the vine out of the way.

James and I (and by "James and I" I mean "James") ordered something like 5 cubic yards of dirt and it's being delivered tomorrow. Then I am going to put new dirt in all around my house and hopefully this will make my plants happy. and prevent our basement getting flooded! also, i am going to build two more planters. and take some pictures. and eat my strawberries, if i can beat emma to them.

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