Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Morale: middling

After approximately two weeks of home ownership, we have already dealt with a backed up sewer overflowing into the basement bathroom, a washing machine leaking (apparently just a pipe we bumped--it seems ok now) and a dishwasher leaking on the floor (due, i think, to the aforementioned backed-up sewer--since it also seems ok now). Given this, I used this handy thread on Ask Metafilter to choose a home improvement guide. I ordered the Reader's Digest one that several people mentioned--got it at Better World Books for $4. I always deal with sources of stress by finding the appropriate non-fiction reference book.

Ask Metafilter is USEFUL! Information win!

James and I are a bit run down by the trials of home ownership, at this point. It seems like all we do is laundry, shoveling, and trips to Home Depot. Oh, and painting--I put the last coat of paint on our living room last night. However, we keep reminding ourselves at some point the number of jobs to be done has to dwindle. Right? Guys? And then we can finally play with our Nintendo DSes, which is what this whole house-buying operation was about, anyway.

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