Monday, April 27, 2009

top of the morning to ya, teh Internets!!11.

I'm working on my contract project again, so I'm at the U of A (my home computer doesn't have Publisher installed, so I come here to work). Classes are over and there are, no exaggeration, NO OTHER PEOPLE HERE. There are hundreds of computers available. I chose one whose monitor seemed to be at the correct height already. I feel like I should do a dance, running around the room and singing. But... what would I sing?

Maybe a song like this:
I went to the Tim Horton's in CAB
It had the shortest Tim Horton's line I have ever seen
But no debit and no credit
So, disappointed, I put my coffee cup back in my baggggggggg

Sorry no postie. I just got back yesterday from the Alberta Library Conference in Jasper, which was a surreal blur of a weekend--some conference sessions, but also meeting various Canadian writers and journalists (no name-dropping, I'm not that crass), drinking more beverages in 1 weekend than possibly ever before (which is still not that many), and (I wish I was kidding about this) walking around downtown Jasper searching for a Gossip Girl novel. Which I did not find. Not surprisingly. Oh, and most of the beverages were paid for by database vendors, which I find hilarious. They call me at work and try to sell me their database products, which I don't purchase, but damn right I'll drink their free drinks. I'm not made of stone.

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