Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Walking from the staff room to my desk this morning, carrying a mug of coffee and a bottle of water and feeling like Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove. Shoulder coffee/devil: "Just drink some coffee, Jocelyn!" Shoulder water/angel: "But water is so good for you!"

Grasping at straws?

I'm having the most insanely productive week so far. It's weird because in every other area of my life I feel exhausted and burnt out and also physically sore, like from cleaning and moving and painting and carrying. But I get to work and I'm like, Yeah, I'll do everything on this to-do list, no big deal. I've been cleaning out my inbox and training people and answering questions and putting up displays and ordering books like a mofo.

Other life-trends: I am on a gadget streak. Aside from being obsessed with my new iPod touch (Viktor--this one is definitely a boy for some reason), I also got a Nintendo DS recently which is sparkly and pink. Mostly all I do is play Brain Age Sudoku on it, but that's only because Tetris hasn't gotten here yet. What with all this wireless/gaming connectivity, I never turn on my home computer anymore, which is weird. If they invented Desktop Tower Defence for either iPhone or DS it would ALL BE OVER. In fact, during my lunch break I might have to brave the weird dudes who work in the video game store in the mall just so I can check out what they've got for me. Sometimes when I'm taking a little break from installing cupboard doors I just sit down on the kitchen floor and check Twitter on my iPod which is MAGIC. I love almost nothing is unpacked in our new house but our wireless network is robust and operational. WHEN NERDS DATE NERDS!

I have only succeeded at teaching my Computer Club attendees one thing, but that one thing is valuable. We're thinking of having shirts made: Try right-clicking: Nothing bad will happen.

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