Monday, April 13, 2009


  1. I adopted a World Vision foster child in Cambodia. She is very cute. I put a picture of her up on my desk bulletin board, to remind myself that the amount of money I send her village every month is equivalent to what I make working for just over an hour. The world is a screwed-up place sometimes.
  2. I thought I had invented the term "T-Ho's" for Tim Horton's but the UrbanDictionary says "Sorry, Jocelyn, you're not as clever as you think you are." Slang-coinage heartbreak! This is just like when that other guy invented the telephone at basically exactly the same time as Alexander Graham Bell but didn't patent it quickly enough and was forgotten by the annals of science.
  3. Tee hee, annals.
  4. Speaking of telephones, I have a home phone now for the first time in several years, and we bought a cordless phone with 3 HANDSETS. 3 handsets, people! To my foster child in Cambodia, this would undoubtedly appear to be an insane level of luxury. However, to us it means we can actually PHONE EACH OTHER FROM DIFFERENT ROOMS IN THE HOUSE.
  5. Oh right, also, I'm very enamoured of my new neighbourhood. On Saturday we went exploring a bit and discovered that the Mill Creek Cafe has excellent omelettes and sells bread they bake themselves which I am going to buy some of today, and there is a used bookstore just 'round the corner from my house that had all kinds of interesting things. We met our neighbour on one side and she told us that ours is a "hippie neighbourhood." Bread! Books! Hippies! These are a few of my favourite things. <3 Ritchie
  6. When our friend Chris told someone old (his uncle? His grandpa?) who used to be a school teacher/principal we were moving to Ritchie, he (the uncle/grandpa), said that the boys from Ritchie were tough. "They're good boys," he said, "But they're tough." James and I say this to each other on a weekly basis, especially when we see boys wandering around who look like they could be from Ritchie. Also, like the boys from Ritchie, we are good, but tough.

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