Friday, May 15, 2009

i am so proud of myself, Internet!

I've been annoyed with myself recently because I'm not being nearly as productive as I should be at work, and I feel like I'm kind of running around flailing my arms (metaphorically speaking) because I'm so disorganized and I don't know how to start anything. BUT! This morning I cleaned off my desk, including going through all the piles of paper, some of which have been there undealt with since January (sigh). I put stickies on a bunch of things and passed them on to other people. I ordered several hundred dollars worth of books. I discarded a handful of things that have been sitting around for weeks/months, and I recycled a few others. I archived all the email that's not relevant to me, and categorized the rest by what project it belongs to. I set up an RSS news feed to syndicate on to our website (which made its first appearance in my work-goals a year ago). I fixed several dozen links that were not launching in new windows like they were supposed to. I made a budget-related spreadsheet that 2 other people were waiting for. AND! I helped a woman find out how to order catepillars for her daycare, so the kids could watch the insect-magic taking place.

good day.

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