Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jocelyn's theory of Seattle

A reputable reference source such as Wikipedia will tell you that Seattle is a city with more than 3 million people in the metropolitan area, and covering 142 square miles. AND YET! I visit Seattle often (my parents live in Tacoma) and there is no evidence that it is actually big. Every place I have ever needed to go in Seattle, including my mother's work, a client's office where James went on our last trip, the theatre where we saw Flight of the Conchords, the jeweler who is making our wedding rings, etc., has been within an area of about 15 square blocks. Some people might say that this makes sense, because this area is "downtown." But I think it is more logical that Seattle is a partly-imagined community, with about 10 actual tall buildings, a few streets, and then some tricksy mirrors around it. This would also explain why you have to go through so many tunnels to get there. THINK ABOUT IT.

Also, on an unrelated note: Diet Dr. Pepper ≠ Win.

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