Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My twitter status says: i hate the part of myself that is good at writing shiny, meaningless proposals. I meant this a little cheekily, but it's true. The document open on my screen contains all these words like "flexible spaces for community use," and "resources and support," and all these other phrases that don't really mean anything. I like words that have an impact. The kinds of words that appear in proposals have been stripped, through monotony, of all their power.

Also: I hadn't planned to wear a veil at my wedding (which is in only 6 1/2 weeks!) but today was a party at work for me and two of the women I work with who are also getting married in the next two months. So as I type this I am wearing a silver tiara from the dollar store (with orange jewels, added by a thoughtful co-worker who knows how much I love the colour) and a pink tulle veil attached. It's surprisingly fun to wear! So now I am torn between my feeling that it might be fun to make a little black birdcage veil with sequins or feathers or something on it, and my belief that my wedding should not include any elements that make me appear to be a giant, weirdly-wrapped present that is James's reward for being such a swell dude. TORN!

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