Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New obsessions, episode 10,238

1. Factories, especially cute Etsy style factories. Like the "smoke factory" on Simpsons. I ordered these little ceramic pieces from PearsonMaron:

And this print from seasprayblue:

[That particular one is sold--to me--but if you go to the main shop you will be able to find more]

I'm going to fill up one of the cubbies in my Expedit with factory-related items. It's going to be weird. AND AWESOME.

2. Food writer MFK Fisher. I started reading her book How To Cook a Wolf last night. She's amazing. My library has a biography of her which I will "check out" (as they say). I love this feeling: you pick up a book and start reading it, having no idea what to expect. At first it's charming, maybe even superficially so; and then within a page or two a deeper sense comes over you: I should be reading this more carefully. Because these books don't last forever, and when you come across them you should savour them. [Which is, incidentally, something I think MFK Fisher herself would approve of.]

I've been on a good run lately, quite a few of these savour-able books mixed in with some Gossip Girl for good measure. (Which I think is kind of like holding coffee beans under your nose in between sampling perfumes. Or maybe vice versa since I like coffee and don't like perfume. Hmmm.)

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