Wednesday, December 12, 2007


It's such a beautiful day, Internets. Seriously. I know I live in Edmonton, and Edmonton + winter ≠ beautiful day, but I'm serious. According to the google desktop, it's 1 degree. PLUS one degree. Take that! The walk to work was lovely, and long enough to listen to "In Our Bedroom After the War" 3 times.

I went to West Edmonton Mall last night, and although the Mall put up a good fight, I emerged the victor. I didn't even go Christmas shopping, I just needed some new clothes and toothpaste and sewing thread and weird things like that. By the time I hiked out the door and across a grassy knoll to the bus stop, though, I felt like I had been hit by a truck. A mall-truck.

They're filming a movie in my neighbourhood, and there are catering trucks parked on my street. I'm thinking later I might try to bluff my way into some free food. YESSSSS. The benefit of living near historical buildings.

Finally, I started watching Season 9 of X-Files last night. This represents another great victory for me, as it means I am almost done my mammoth entertainment undertaking that was begun so many months ago. (I don't remember how many.) Around 150 hours of TV! So far, I like season 9 a lot. The season premiere had Cary Elwes--be still my 7th-grade heart! And Lucy Lawless, who was a villain of some kind, of course. (Don't people know not to trust her? She's a cylon!) In honour of her appearance, I made a new mix CD for my sister entitled "Christmas for Cylons."


Tederick said...

Look! It's Mulder!

Prolix said...

Ghah, it's Amanda Peet! Although, she does look very FBI-y, so I guess that's good. And I do like me some Billy Connolly.

I don't even like Mulder anymore. Skinner is totally my FBI boyfriend.

Prolix said...

PS. In season 9, Skinner is FINALLY in the credits. About freakin' time.

Tederick said...

Yes, I have in fact seen season 9... had you not? Tell me your X Files story, Jocelyn.

Prolix said...

Wow, really? Shucks, OK...
I started watching x-files around season 4. I mean, keep in mind I was 13 at the time so it's not surprising I didn't become interested in it earlier. I was a totally devoted watcher of the show until about season, I don't know, 6 or 7. I didn't watch it every week, and so there would always be these huge plot issues I didn't understand, and I just gave up on it.

So actually, this epic watchening is the first time I've seen the majority of the episodes. And I appreciate them more now, which is not really surprising.