Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A continuation

Things i like about my job, continued:

4. Today I totally looted the stationery supplies, and I now have 5 pretty new highlighter colours in addition to the one I already had. I integrated these highlighters, along with some index cards and metal clips, into a giant report-analyzing system that is approximately 3.5 times more complicated than was warranted by the reports needing to be analyzed. I could probably do all this on the computer, but I like having lots of crap spread out on my desk--it makes me look busy. As Peter from Office Space would say, "I just stare at my desk. It looks like I'm working."

5. I also made up a whole bunch of new colour-coding categories in Outlook, and then I categorized EVERY SINGLE EMAIL IN MY INBOX. And the colours correspond to folders. Oh yes, that's how things are now.

So basically, what I'm saying is that I am embracing the meaninglessness of my job, and from that meaninglessness, constructing my own meaning. By colour-coding. (Heh. Have you guys ever noticed that as long as your pens and pencils don't move around on your desk, they're stationary stationery?)

Plus people keep giving me truffles.

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