Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bargains on the interweb; also, I complain about stuff

Um! I upgraded to a Flickr pro account today, and I got 10 free MOO cards. They are little and cute! and of course, the process of giving me 10 free ones is working, because it made me want to order 100 more. But what should go on the backs of these little cards? Is it Professional Jocelyn, or Real Jocelyn? Yeah. Dilemma. I don't really have any reason to have Real Jocelyn cards, so maybe that's my answer. (When I make new friends, we just become friends on Facebook. That is how it's done.)

And, um! I accidentally might have accepted more contract work, even though I really already have more than I feel like doing. What is my deal? But it's web design and I really wanted to do it. I can feel the CSS in my fingertips. Plus, money. I will put it straight into my savings account for sweet, sweet compound interest.

I hate it when my 30 boxes to-do list is longer than my screen. It makes me feel overwhelmed.

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