Tuesday, June 3, 2008

If I stole a link from metafilter, does that make this meta-metafilter?

I got busy again.
That's what happened.

The problem with having a job you actually like, and where you have real things to do, is that it leaves less time for blogging. The advantage of having a job like this is being happier.

This is hilarious: You've been left behind, a website that will store subscribers' messages and then send them after the Rapture. Helpful! Perhaps I'll discuss it in an upcoming tech training session I'll be delivering. (Unfortunately, the Rapture will be considered to have occurred when 3 of the 5 developers fail to log in over a 3-day period. This kind of reminds of Homer Simpson's "Everything's OK alarm.")

I can't remember if I linked to this before, but sensible units is a fun conversion tool that converts normal units into killer whales, or football fields, or "average domestic cats."

Also, things that could easily be Facebook status updates:
I am recommitting myself to podcasts. If James ever gives me back my iPod.
I am volunteering for the Shakespeare Festival.
I am not buying anything from Etsy.
I am not completing my dailies, and thus will never get my epic flying mount.
I am being offered more contract work than I can do, or choose from.
I am up in arms about new Canadian intellectual property and copyright law and trade agreements, but what difference does that make? None.

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