Monday, June 16, 2008

I think someone has a case of the Mondays

Holy media hangover, Batman. I spent most of yesterday playing Warcraft and watching 30 Rock, and by 10:30 PM I felt like I had already died--probably several hours before--and had somehow been reanimated as a screen-watching zombie. It was a bad scene. So I went to bed, woke up this morning at the usual time for work, had a shower, realized I was going to purposefully allow myself to be hit by a car on the way to work because I felt that horrible, and went back to sleep. Then I got up again and stopped for coffee and came here and I feel like I am slowly waking up as I type this. So. That brings is up to now.

And the sad part is, I have 2 episodes of 30 Rock left to watch, so I didn't even reach my goal. When am I going to get to watch them, Internet? Probably not tonight, as I have work to do! Maybe NEVER!

I was at the dentist last week and he confirmed what I already knew, which is that I grind my teeth while I am asleep. In fact he had a novel way of demonstrating this to me, which was to hold my hands on the sides of my jaw and have me clench my teeth. I could feel the giant muscles bulging. And yet my stupid body can't be trained to do real exercise while I'm asleep. So anyway, I wake up with these headaches that seem to radiate from my jaw deep into my skull, and I have to get one of those expensive mouthguards. I'm going to look like such a nerd while I sleep, Internet. It's so embarrassing, I'll have to turn off my webcam at night. So anyway, in addition to the media hangover I also have a jaw-clenching headache.

Gurgle gurgle gurgle. I think that most aptly conveys how I am feeling at this moment.

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