Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good morning, class

curtains 005

This photo shows the lobster finnials I made from the hors d'oeurves spreaders I bought last week. Since I got a set of 4 for $1.75, I would say these two cost approximately 43 cents each. Definitely worth it. I hot-glued them onto the ends of my curtain rods (from which are hanging my new curtains, which were also a tremendous bargain).

I disappeared for awhile there, huh? Sorry. I had a nice weekend, and I am having a nice work-week, actually. It's surprising how I have managed to not hate work at all over the past few weeks. Imagine if this is what my whole future was like. Everyone would hate me, for one thing.

But starting tonight, I have one million things to do, and those one million things will not be done until next Monday. Meetings! Prison tours! Car-trips! Magazine launch parties! Movie nights! Concerts! Also, it doesn't help that I am reading The Thirteenth Tale, and finding it absolutely bewitching. I am reading it when I should be doing other things. I am reading it when I should be sleeping. (If you visit that website, forgive its cheeziness. The book is better.)

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