Sunday, April 6, 2008

sort of like a love song

On my to-do list today (along with a bunch of boring things) was "create new iPod playlist." The main motivation for this was that I thought of the best possible playlist name last week and haven't had time in front of my computer to make it. thus was born songs for boning.

Romantic, right? I thought it was the funniest thing ever, at the time, and I still do, a little. However, these are songs for boning, or about boning, for sure (well, except the corb lund one, which is nominally about horses, like every corb lund song):

all the way down - gemma hayes
soft revolution - the stills
rumors - josh ritter
just like heaven - the cure
out of this world - bush
i don't know - starsailor
maybe tonight - nicole atkins
samson - regina spektor
about a boy - patti smith
superstar - sonic youth
under the blacklight - rilo kiley
not tonight - matt sharp and maya rudolph
it's only love - heather nova
love will tear us apart - hawksley workman
limit to your love - feist
what's left of me - nick lachey
baby i - amy millan
adore adore - yoav
hotel song - regina spektor
how my heart behaves - feist
mind's eye - josh ritter
all the way down - glen hansard
especially a paint - corb lund
straight to hell - moby and heather nova
running back - emm gryner

yep, not one but two versions of all the way down. These days, that song is the one my brain is humming to itself all the time. I can't account for Nick Lachey, except he told me he wanted to be on at least ONE playlist. who am I to argue?

Among the BORING things on my to-do list was laundry, but I have to note that a few weeks ago i made the mistake of washing some white things with my red bedspread and, well, it didn't end well. The Internet told me to try Rit Color Remover, so I did, and it is magic, eye-irritant powder. Everything has been restored to its natural colour. I just thought you'd be happy to know that.

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