Thursday, February 19, 2009

A few Things

I know I claimed I was no longer committed to Thing-A-Day, which is true, and I shall not apologize for missed Things. However these things are done in their own right, so I might as well post them.

feb 16 - coral necklace
Feb 16th - I made some jewelry, including this simple necklace with some red coral. Hopefully it is not endangered.

feb 17/18 - planning
Feb 17th - Planning my book.

feb19 - completed

feb19 - completed

Today - My book is done. It did not turn out awesome, although I will probably still use it. Now that I have made one I know how to make them better. The assembly was hard--figuring out what order things needed to go together in--and I overdid it on the vinyl, which caused much complaining and snapped thread from my sewing machine. It was a trooper though, or possibly a trouper--I'm not sure which. Also, I'm sad that I kind of wasted this fabric which I only had a fat quarter of to start with, and now I think I might have to buy more because I love it so much.

I was inspired by this chequebook cover in Amy Butler's book In Stitches, although what I ended up with came out quite different. Maybe the next iteration will have a zipper.

Everything I make matches my blog. Hmmm.

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