Sunday, February 15, 2009

oh boy.

i've been falling down on the job. I have sort of been doing my Things, but haven't had time to take any pictures. I finished my wedding invitations (right before the hall we'd booked called to tell us we'd been double-booked, because our wedding is DOOMED, but I don't really want to think about that any more), made a pair of decorations for Meghan's bridesmaid shoes, and today I made a box for my socks with missing mates.

More importantly, James and I bought a house! We are homeowners, or we will be if we can come up with some money. It has what real-estate listings call "charming built-ins," including an ironing board that folds down out of a cupboard, and--perhaps most excitingly--it has a little window in the back porch, through which you can access the clothesline. WHICH CAN BE USED TO SEND SECRET MESSAGES TO THE GARAGE. (Sample secret message: "We will be paying for this until we retire.") We're pretty excited. I'm going to have a place for my sewing machine that isn't my kitchen table. It's going to be GREAT.

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Becky said...

boo to double bookings but yay to houses!