Saturday, February 7, 2009

La chose du jour!

thing a day - feb 7

Today's project: a quick 'n' dirty laundry bag. This fabric has been sitting around in my apartment for weeks. I bought it by accident out of the remnants bin--wrapped up in such a way that it looked like plain, offwhite cotton. Then I unwrapped it to find--surprise!--multicoloured squares. I find the pattern kind of cute actually, but the fabric isn't in great shape and the print is not very clean up-close, so I used it for something I've been meaning to make for awhile: a laundry bag for traveling. I have enough fabric for 3 more of these, which I might still complete just to use for storing linens, washing delicates, etc., but I had only one toggle in my bag-o-notions, so the others will have to wait for another day.

Also it kind of matches the Thing-A-Day banner... hmmmm.

Today is Courtney's bachelorette-event. As one of the organizers, I had a role in deciding the number of novelty penis-shaped items (none). Hopefully no one will be too put-out. I'm still very sick, so it will be an early night, at least for me.

My waiting-and-refreshing routine paid off this morning as I scored Flight of the Conchords tickets! Seattle in May. There is a David Macauley exhibition there as well, at the Tacoma Art Museum. Plus I've heard they have the ocean there. It's going to be GREAT, INTERNET!

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