Thursday, February 5, 2009

it rhymes with delicious


I'm still sick. On the plus side, I have a sexy, growly voice now. On the minus side, I feel horrible, I keep freaking out about absolutely nothing, and I have no time to do my daily Thing. So. Another cop-out: a picture of a bottle of Aranciata on my desk, just moments before it got in my belly. I will buy almost anything that comes in a brightly coloured orange bottle. Also visible is my to-read pile, which shames me deeply (especially since it is actually only one of three in my apartment). I took a moment away from the monster spreadsheet I'm building to look for something beautiful, and took this photo, so I believe it is in the spirit of Thing-A-Day, even if it simultaneously betrays all the people who felted, sketched, or programmed today. And moments later my camera battery died, and I can't find my charger (scary thought: I haven't seen it since Vegas, before Christmas) and my favourite headphones broke today on the airport shuttle (don't ask) and... oh yeah. Everything.

Everything. Crap!

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Candice said...

I love when people are so shamelessly self-aware of their gullibility to marketing...

Pepsi just re-branded, and I suddenly feel a lot thirstier when I see their products.