Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Nerdiness quiz

[Score 1 point for each yes answer]
Do you/Have you ever...

  1. Heard of M. C. Escher?
  2. Owned an M. C. Escher desk calendar, wall calendar, or poster? (Add 1 extra point if the poster was framed, or if you ordered it off the Internet)
  3. Downloaded the Teenage Fanclub song by the same name because you wondered what it had to do with the artist?
  4. Read a Stephen Hawking book for fun (well, educational fun)?
  5. Know the correct terminology for the little LEGO people?
  6. Built a replica of a famous landmark, a Star Wars ship, a Frank Lloyd Wright house, or a classical temple out of LEGO?
  7. Built a LEGO version of an M. C. Escher painting? [A "yes" to this question is worth 1,000 points and means you win the nerdiness contest, hands down]


alea said...

I feel like Escher-inspired models would have really improved that lego exhibit at the Royal Alberta Museum. But then, that's the way I feel about every museum I enter...

prolix said...

More LEGO replicas of things! Is that too freakin' much to ask? We should start some kind of advocacy organization.

Tederick said...

I'm a four. Is four good?

prolix said...

I forgot to put up a scoring guide!

1-3: not nerdy enough
4: the perfect amount of nerdy
5-1008: way too nerdy


prolix said...

(I got 4 as well)

so angry said...

I scored a 2.


BUT I have seen the egyptian lego display at Science World at the Telus World of Science. ALSO, I own the Weird Al song where he mentions M.C. Escher. AND when I realized I didn't know who M.C. Escher was, I immediately went to wikipedia.

I'm cool... er... nerdy enough right?!?

prolix said...

Wikipedia is pretty nerdy... nonetheless, I'm kind of disappointed you only scored a 2. You know what means, right? You could officially do better than me.