Thursday, April 26, 2007

dangerous developments, and blog performance anxiety

1. So, I think Facebook is leading directly to the fragmentation of my grasp of my own sense of self-worth. For non-Facebook users, on Facebook you have a little one-sentence status thing you can use "to keep your friends updated on your status." Examples would be, "Joey Facebook is at the library," or, "Stephanie SocialNetworking is networking, because she knows that is what you have to do to get a job." These sentences have to start with "your name is," which can lead to some strange grammatical constructions. (Some people just ignore the "is," but I think that's cheating.) As if writing long blog entries about my sense of well-being wasn't bad enough, I now feel this constant compulsion to describe my situations (emotional and otherwise) in pithy, one-sentence third-person phrases. Recent selections (only some of them actually posted to Facebook) include:

  • Jocelyn is tired of the theme song from Medium.
  • Jocelyn is drunk and annotating.
  • Jocelyn is anxious
  • [quickly followed by...] Jocelyn is relieved
  • Jocelyn is awash in nostalgia and uneasiness
  • Jocelyn is having trouble thinking of things to blog about
  • Jocelyn is not making constructive emotional choices
  • Jocelyn is not making constructive nutritional choices
  • Jocelyn is mourning ends of things
  • Jocelyn is spending too much time doing nothing and not enough time doing something
  • Jocelyn is taking some small comfort in daily acts of meaning and negotiation
  • Jocelyn is looking for crested merchandidse
  • Jocelyn is smoke and rice paper
  • Jocelyn is running out of money
  • Jocelyn is updating her ziplist
  • Jocelyn is being OCD about music (Snow Patrol- Set the fire to the third bar; Hawksley Workman- Love will tear us apart; The Decemberists- We both go down together. Over and over again. For days.)
  • [and my personal favourite] Jocelyn is lost.

The thing is, this micro-focus does not help me at all. I think it may actually make things worse.

2. Things you can buy for $1, part infinity:

See "poor nutritional choices," above.

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