Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Handbag nirvana

velcrobag 001 velcrobag 002 velcrobag 003 velcrobag 004

I invented this bag, in which I can change the flaps to match EVERY CONCEIVABLE OUTFIT. It's awesome. The fourth picture shows all the flaps I have made so far.

Edited to add: I also posted this on Craftster cause I'm nerdy like that. The Purses, bags, wallets forum could easily be my summer home. Here's my thread.

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Bethany Oakes said...

I love it. It's a great bag & what a fab idea. Might have a go at making something like that myself as I'm a bit of a bag making addict! This makes so much more sense than keep swapping bags around (& loosing stuff in the process) and so versatile. WHat a clever thing you are! Thanks for sharing the idea.

Hope you are feeling better soon.