Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Celebrating excellence in redundancy

When I was a kid I was completely allergy-free. These days, I am the opposite of allergy-free, and I in fact seem to be allergic to everything located outside: trees, flowers, pollen, possibly even cars. The symptoms are disgusting, but live-with-able. My head hurts all the time, and my throat is tickly, and I sneeze CONSTANTLY--six times in a row, this morning, as if to make up for time lost while sleeping. The real problem is this nagging feeling that my body has betrayed me, suddenly becoming convinced that it cannot deal with things that were clearly fine before. Dear body: Bits of organic material in the air are not going to kill us. CHILL OUT. Kthxbai.

The nice thing is that it's a short week after a long weekend. I only have to work here for one day, and then at my new job for three days, and then it is the weekend again! Lucky thing. Four days is plenty of time for me to die of sadness and allergies.

(The title of this post is related to the fact that just a moment ago, I attempted to use the title, "Excellence in Teaching Awards celebrate excellence in teaching," before I decided that was too stupid and beaurocratic even for me.)

Trying to get back into the habit of blogging.

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