Monday, February 15, 2010

Day Fifteen.

I've had the most unhealthy day. It's family day, aka "the fake statutory holiday in February," and some friends suggested breakfast at MacDonald's... which somehow turned into breakfast at MacDonald's, some Rock Band, three episodes of Angel, two episodes of The Office, and one episode of 30 Rock, plus Dairy Queen. Oh, and then I watched two episodes of Firefly while I made my thing a day: a TRABAJAR bag. At least there was a bit of pseudo-productivity at the end of what was, let's face it, an awesome but sort of depressingly lazy day. The thing that differentiates me from total losers is that I had a husband, a dog and some friends to do these activities with. Still, I feel a bit Ancient-Rome-y (you know, with the decadence?) so I better eat some healthy food and/or get some exercise tomorrow.

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