Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where are the Daily Things of yesteryear?

I swear, I'm just holding it for a friend
I was at IKEA again last night and I was pretty excited to find this PS FEJO plant pot (with an umlaut, which I am too lazy to locate on the character map). I bought one so I could put it together and judge whether I thought it would work; now that I believe it would, I might go back and buy another one. It was $30, which is kind of expensive for a pot (especially from IKEA, where sofas are in the $75-$80 range), but it seems to have a pretty intelligent design and I like that it has integrated wheels. I bought seeds for several pot-friendly varieties of peppers and tomatoes so I have high hopes for this enterprise.

The problem that remains is that it is February, and it is weeks before I can even start the inside plants, still.

The other problem is that I was supposed to be doing thing-a-day, but I got a bit busy and distracted and now it seems almost dumb to try to get back into it for, what, three days? although I have tomorrow and then the weekend off so perhaps it is a possibility.

The last problem is that I started reading City of Bones, which is book one of Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments Trilogy, and (although I'm aware of being a bit late to the party here) it's really, really good. So mainly I just want to read that, and ignore everything else, except plant pots of course.

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