Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 9.

Today I worked on my quilt-- the red block is almost done, so that's probably about 1/7th of the total sewing. I am happy with the fabrics and so on, so far. But so much fiddly sewing, ironing and pinning! It's not my kind of project, in this sense.

I also made a mix CD for Meghan, as tonight we are going on an expedition to get Indian food and go to IKEA. This is one of my favourite hanging-out combinations, and bless her heart for thinking of it.

Yesterday I made a Titanium Razorplate (although I'm not sure if that counts, although it does knock my gear score over the 2600 mark). And something else! I FORGET!

I haven't been missing as many days as it probably seems I have been missing. In fact I think so far it's only 1. But I can't be bothered to post everyday. Plus, if you check the Thing-A-Day blog you will find an intimidating display of electronics, delicious homemade food, and photography. It makes me feel guilty and inadequate.

Emma and I are having a very good day off. Earlier we went for a walk, and I brought my coffee. Peace out, Internet.

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