Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Haha! Unhappy Hipsters [At right: You can come out when you can properly explain the differences between Modern architecture and postmodern ornamentation] is a collection of photos from the pages of Dwell magazine, with the discontented captions they appear to have been waiting their whole lives for. [Link from Ouno Design.]

On my brain's to do list: dream of spring [and specifically, how to eliminate all the grass from my front yard], buy a netbook, change around my interfaces [rendering them temporarily more confusing but, hopefully, permanently more efficient], compile a home emergency kit, find old ads from Popular Science magazine on google books and use them as my desktop wallpaper [at left: LEARN RADIO!], collect those all-consuming frost badges, read the entire blog archives of YA author Maureen Johnson, make something. Toward this end, at lunchtime I went and bought some nice new fine-tip Sharpies. Sometimes all I need to see the world in a new way is some new pens.

Finally, one note from Avatar that did not warrant its own entry.
1. unobtainium? really? You guys know you didn't make that up, right? I felt like they meant to substitute a different word in the script before they actually shot that scene, but then they couldn't think of anything.

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