Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Further adventures in suspension of disbelief

Dear producers of Veronica Mars:

In the Season 3 episode "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week," you expect me to believe that Logan and Wallace's Sociology professor has gotten a proposal to re-stage the famous and controversial Stanford Prison Experiment past an ethics board? Even though the experiment had to be cancelled the first time it happened, in 1971, when there were way fewer hoops for University research, because of the participants' extreme behaviour? And that he is allowed to recruit undergraduate students from his introductory class to participate? And reward them for doing so by EXCUSING THEM FROM THE FINAL PAPER, which could constitute a sort of pressure to participate?

I try, I really do. I want to believe. But sometimes you make it so difficult.

(At least Veronica always wears a shirt over her space-bra.)


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