Thursday, January 18, 2007

the third bar

I talked to Courtney on the phone, and she convinced me that buying things is the cure to many a bad day. All the stores except Mac's are closed, so I bought some robot/lasergun art from Etsy:

The one on the left is from John W. Golden. The one on the right is from Jimbot's Junkyard. I highly recommend buying art from Etsy. It's relatively cheap, and you get the nice feeling of supporting a living, breathing, part-time-job-having artist (probably). Plus you avoid joining the legions of people with Klimt or Munch posters. Enough with the Munch posters! Modernity makes you feel alienated and opressed, we get it! You know what would probably make you feel better? A LASERGUN!

OK, I cannot for the life of me centre those correctly. My apologies. Blogger and I are still in the early stages of our relationship-- afraid to hurt each other's feelings, afraid to correct our mistakes about each other's natures. Blogger is too nice to tell me to mind my own business. I am too polite to try to tinker with Blogger's HTML. I am going to bed soon, but first, Blogger and I will kiss each other awkwardly on the cheek.

When you compose in the Blogger post window, at the bottom it has a space for entry tags (which at this moment says "art, shopping, meta-blog"), but the examples they give are "scooters, vacation, fall." I really, really want to tag things with those tags. I mean, you know the person who is taggings things "scooters, vacation, fall" has everything in their life that I want: perfect happiness, meaningful jobs with 12 weeks of paid vacation a year, fun lifestyle-enhancing products, a digital camera with which they capture every perfect fulfiling thing that happens to them. I hate those scooter people. Because I want a little piece of that perfect happiness, I shall be tagging random future entries "scooters." At the same time, for me, "scooters" is bittersweet: it represents a sense of weltschmerz, the realization and reluctant acceptance of the fact that my life will never, ever, be accurately decribed by the tag "scooters." "Scooters" is ironic. It represents all that is not-scooters.

Or maybe they are referring to Scooter, the Muppet. But then I suppose it would be capitalized.

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