Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Splink link

A list of Wikipedia's most unusual articles. Some of this stuff is pretty amazing-- check out Sealand. Which paragraphs are serious? Which are a joke? It's like a game!


tyler said...


san francisco's only independent pirate supply store!

prolix said...

That is so super-cool. I have wanted to go to the pirate store for a long time. My parents, who live in Seattle, discovered the "Greenwood Space Travel Supply Company" (the storefront of 826 Seattle) and bought me a poster from there, titled, "Will I make a good space traveler?" McSweeney's theme stores ROCK.

I cannot tell you how many times this poster has come in handy. To remind me that I would not, in fact, make a good space traveler.

prolix said...

PS. I also love the Pirate Store signs.


I made a cross-stitched one that says, "If deck is salty there will be lashings."