Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What will the internet come up with next?

Here is something fun I learned about in class (!) today. LibX runs as a Firefox extension, which takes information on any site you happen to be looking at, uses it as a search query, and checks the catalogue of your chosen library for holdings. I can find any book on Amazon and in two clicks, I know if my library at the U of A has it. I downloaded the U of A version. I think you do need a version tweaked to your own library, though, so if your library doesn't have one, send them an email and tell them to get off their Web 1.0 butts.

Why haven't I heard about this before?!? WHAT OTHER TECHNOLOGY SECRETS IS THE INTERNET KEEPING FROM US?!? Next you'll tell me that there is a firefox extension that does my dishes. (Ahem.... so, I almost wrote this extremely nerdy joke about the dish attribute "clean", because I was studying XML a few minutes ago. But I am trying, desperately, to cling to any vestiges of coolness I might have left, so... ROCK MUSIC! MAKEOUT PARTIES! And... uh, SUBSTANCE ABUSE!)

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