Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Things I have had time to do because I have not played World of Warcraft since Sunday

  • Make lemon-roasted chicken

  • Listen to two great Canadian bands, Stars (who are famous enough that they do not need a link) and The Awkward Stage [note: clicking on that link will open an extremely obnoxious myspace page which will play music, overwhelming whatever you are already listening to and causing you to go, "argh!" I am telling this so you can turn down the sound on your computer]

    [Sub-point... have I ever mentioned how much I hate, hate, hate myspace? The main problem with it is that it looks like the internet, circa 1997. SERIOUSLY. Just because you can customize, doesn't mean you should. Haven't you ever heard the expression "Man's reach exceeds his grasp"? of coure, my bitterness is also partly explained by the fact that I was on MySpace for awhile, and no one wanted to be my friend. hrmph.]

  • Attempted to start using XHTML instead of HTML for coding my entries, simply out of perfectionism [even though it is in fact closing all my tags that is making this entry so spaced out]

  • Start watching Season 3 of Veronica Mars [I feel obliged to mention, for legal reasons, that I obtained these episodes mysteriously, yet legally, by means that have nothing to do with the internet] [I would also like to mention that in Season 3 of Veronica Mars, Veronica constantly swears by saying "Frack!" which apparently is "the swear of the future." This shoutout warms my rapidly beating fangirl heart.]

  • Do reading for school [!!!]

  • Paint my cupboards orange:


This orange paint is only the first step. I am going to stencil something on top with black and red, probably. Possibly "For tomorrow we die." With stencils I design myself, out of contact paper. As soon as I can find someone to drive me to the paint store. I feel this would be a good time to mention how much I adore James. So clever! So handsome! And talented, too. This is a man who sends me links to articles I will like, who gets incensed about things, and who knows how to drive. Not to mention being, in an alternate online universe, a badass level 56 warlock. I am truly the luckiest girl in the world.

Ahem. We will now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

For my children's lit class, I read this really interesting article about Philip Pullman, His Dark Materials, and the religious/philosophical content of children's books. [From The New Yorker.] I need to read that trilogy. I'm embarrassed that I haven't already. This article quotes him:

“There are some themes, some subjects, too large for adult fiction; they can only be dealt with adequately in a children’s book.”
From CBC news: an incredible story about a documentary that prompted charges in a 40-year-old American murder case.


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It worked, right? You want to take me to Home Depot now.

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Also: you took the Myspace words right out of my mouth.