Thursday, January 18, 2007

Walking softly and... well, you know.

My sink is allegedly fixed. I bargained its repair for the temporary use of my parking space, which, it turns out, was good leverage. I did it in a very sneaky, mercenary way which I am somewhat proud of. I could not state, outright, to my building manager, "I will temporarily allow you the use of my parking space in exchange for your expediting the sink-fixing process." You can't be that direct; this is diplomacy. Directness offends people. Instead you must be sly, and subtle. Much depends on intonation and inference. Inference like a fox! Anyway, I am a little afraid to actually test if the sink is fixed. For now I will just believe.

I will rate various aspects of my life today. (The scale may or may not be out of 10.)
Trying to compose pristine XHTML: 3
Picture books: 5.5
PowerPlant lunch buffet: 6
Getting package from amazon: 8
Getting my sink fixed: 11

I leveled up to 53 in Warcraft yesterday, but this is nothing compared to the first person to reach level 70 after the expansion, in 28 hours of playing time. There is this flash of white light that surrounds you... it's so beautiful. To someone who has never leveled, I can't even describe it. (Also, my blog will now have a "warcraft" tag.... after roughly two days, this new blog is no longer cool. That was like a record for me!) (Also, again: that link was courtesy of James.)

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