Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm Mrs. Oh-My-God-That-Britney-Shameless

I'm inexplicably magnificent today. That's right, I said magnificent. I think morale is the highest it has been in weeks, or at least hours.

Partly this is because of etsy purchases. I bought some adorable rocket and dinosaur bobby pins from daisy chains:

They're so cute. I think they're for kids, but whatever. I mean, has that ever stopped me from putting weird things in my hair in the past? I also ordered a custom hat from BMKHattitude. Her hats are lovely and handmade and I've ordered custom ones from her before, because no hat in the regular universe will fit on my giant head. And yet I love hats, so obviously there has to be some solution. And the solution is... CUSTOM HATS! Yep, that was a bit predictable. I mean, the solution could have been AQUARIUM FISH! but that would not have made any sense.

I want to make a bedspread from vintage scarves. I bet it wouldn't even be that hard. The key would be finding coolish scarves to start with. I know that people on the Internet seem to have much better thrift-store-luck than I do. All I can ever find at thrift stores are little plastic lamps shaped like flamingos that smell like burning when I turn them on. Although in my defense, I only bought one of those, and then I learned my lesson. I mean, it's not like I have 5 of them or anything. Oh, and I'm definitely going to do the Thing-A-Day thing next month, too. But some of the Things will probably be little cartoons with stick-people drawn on napkins. And tonight I'm hand-quilting something, photos to come. Wheee! Craft!

Through an error on the part of my administrative assistant (that useless little shrew), my shaw email account was cancelled, so I'm on gmail now. I'm making an attempt to update all the people and web services in my life to this effect. So if I've missed you, send me an email and I will email you back from my new gmail account! Don't worry, that might sound like it won't work, but it will! Oh yes! it's going to be oh-so 2.0. I'm not putting my new email on this blog, because I am trying to keep it secret and spam-free. I want 100% of the email that comes to my new account to be something from someone I know, that I actually want to read. No more emails about how I can totally use the Internet to buy patches for my favourite punk band, or from offering me double Jessica Alba.

As you may have noticed, it's Friday. Fridays barely count as work-days, in my book, because I'm wearing jeans!

A funny work conversation:
Co-worker: Why did last night feel like it was 4 seconds long?
Me: Um, because it's a leap-year?
I've been sick, thus the lack of updates. Not even normal sick, either; weird sick, where I wake up in the morning feeling queasy and sore, as if I had been helping friends move in my sleep. This has had a somewhat mitigating effect on the high morale, but I DID get to stay home from work yesterday.

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Ouno Design said...

"i'll take my vitamins, but i'm taking them with vodka." How did you know that was our motto, too? Thanks for liking our bedspread. Lindsay and Sarah.